Things to do in Fort Oglethorpe when you’re dead…(with apologies to Warren Zevon)

I try and visit Chickamauga every September, on the anniversary of the battle. I like to connect with the park staff whenever possible, and I also like to see the field at the right time of year. The Park usually organizes a program of tours, demonstrations, and events as well. This year is no different:

147th Anniversary Weekend

I intend to be at the park on Friday September 17th and Saturday, the 18th. I want to explore Viniard Field in more depth, do a little research, catch a demo or two, Watch my friends sweat in all that wool – that sort of thing.

I admit I will probably not be attending the “War Between The States Barbeque Contest” being held at the Gordon-Lee Mansion on Saturday, but it sounds like fun, if a bit of a mouthful. I don’t think that there is a reenactment this year, but that’s OK by me, too. I have largely moved on from the reenactment scene; and never really enjoyed them as a spectator. I’d rather be on the real field. I once went to a big reenactment at Shiloh, spent a week camping next to the place in a cow pasture, and never managed to actually get to the park. I started to realize then that I needed to get my priorities in order.

If you’re at the park, and see me, stop and say Hi. I might be the guy staring at the big map in the lobby, trying to work out something, or watching Jim Ogden push his blue and gray markers around as he explains something. I love that map. Wish I had space for one in my house…

Please come visit Chickamauga that weekend. The park gets used for all sorts of activities – running, riding, hiking, and the like – that make it valuable to different communites for different purposes. but it still needs visitors interested in the original reason it came to be: to study the battle and honor the veterans.

2 Responses to “Things to do in Fort Oglethorpe when you’re dead…(with apologies to Warren Zevon)”

  1. Dick Stanley Says:

    Sounds like a plan. Wish I could come. Maybe next year.

  2. Mike Says:

    Unfortunately, I can’t make the 147th anniversary event. I actually prefer to visit during “quieter” times; and also don’t care much for reenactments. Likely due to my own army experiences in the boonies.

    I’ve humped the park a few times now, the last two in April and May using “The Maps of Chickamauga” as excellent resource material.

    Probably my favorite battlefield study and will be back soon.

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