2019 Seminar in the woods update:

Dear friends at home,

(can you tell I have been reading a lot of Civil War Letters collections?)

damaged cannon

I want to update everyone on the Seminar, to be held March 8-9, 2019.

for details on the event, see here

As of right now, I have 26 confirmed reservations for the bus on Friday, so we are about half full. I know several folks who have expressed interest, but have not yet sent a check; please make sure you sign up soon. There is usually a flurry of sign-ups right after the Holidays.

If you have any question about whether I received your check, please check to see if it A) was cashed, or B) send me an email at dpowell334@aol.com. Or, of course, do both.:)

I did have one attendee ask about the Government shutdown. While the Seminar is nine weeks away, and we should be fine, there is a slim chance that we could face a park shutdown that weekend.

If the shutdown is still in effect, our plans are unchanged. The Friday bus tour meets at the History  Company parking lot, not on park property, and we can explore McLemore’s Cove whether or not the park is open. As for Saturday, as of this writing, while the facilities are closed the Chickamauga portion of the park is actually open to visitation. That means that we can proceed with the battle walks as planned, albeit without the support function the Visitor’s center provides.

Jim Ogden’s participation in the event that we face a shutdown remains uncertain.

That said, I do not expect any shutdown, but it is best to be prepared. If this remains an issue as we get closer to the event, I will provide further updates.


One Response to “2019 Seminar in the woods update:”

  1. Janet Wise Says:

    Can’t wait. Looking forward to seeing McLemore Cove.

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