Some worthy causes

Hello, fellow Chickamaugites. Or Chickamaugans. (I’m not sure which is more correct. Pick one.)


First, some business to conduct. Every year in March, we raise a substantial sum over and above our costs, which can be put towards worthy causes. I made a $500 donation to the American Battlefield Trust (formerly the Civil War Trust) back in the spring, but I usually wait several months to donate all the available money, in case a late-breaking opportunity comes along.

American Battlefields Trust

Since August has rolled around, I feel the need to live up to my responsibilities and finish the donations. I decided to give another $500 to the Battlefield Trust, since there was an opportunity to support a nearly 5 to 1 match for some ground at Shiloh, and as has become customary I have also sent $500 of the group’s money to the Jewell Monument Fund, administered by the Friends of the Parks at Chickamauga – now also rebranded as NPP: National Parks Partners, Chickamauga, Chattanooga, Moccasin Bend.

National Parks Partners

The monument fund reserves money for restoration and the maintenance of the park’s hundreds of monuments, markers, and interpretive signs. Acquiring new sites is wonderful, but we also need to keep up the sites we have.

This leaves us $135 left in the group fund, to cover any incidentals that arise as we get ready for next March’s tours. Info on those tours (March 8-9, 2019) will be forthcoming next month.

Second, I want to alert you that I will be soon start posting an irregular series on books that pertain to this blog’s subject – specifically, memoirs, correspondence and diaries written by the men of both the Army of the Cumberland and the Army of Tennessee.

I don’t intend to review new books, but rather, alert readers to some of the better older volumes to see the light of publication over the years.


5 Responses to “Some worthy causes”

  1. Ron Linfonte Says:

    Dave, I am also a member of the Civil War Trust. I live here in Long Island, NY presently and also do the Save the Battlefield financial donation requests. I just donated to help save the land near the Lutheran Seminary at Gettysburg. I just bought a 2nd home in Chattanooga last month and eagerly look forward to moving there soon! When I do relocate, I look forward to meeting you and assisting you and your group any way I can. I also reached out to the group that runs the small CSA cemetery off Lee Highway in Chattanooga and the NPS there too if they need volunteers for any projects!
    Ron Linfonte

  2. Ron Linfonte Says:

    Just last month, my son and I visited Chickamauga, Ringgold Gap, Rocky Face, Dalton 1&2, Dug Gap, Resaca, Tunnel Hill and Johnson’s HQ with a private tour there by its director! When I do finally relocate we will try to hit the remaining sites North of Atlanta including Kennesaw MTn and Peachtree Creek, Kolbs Farm and others!

    My area of personal interest is the locating of grave sites of both CSA and Union with a special interest in the 13th and 27th NJ as they were based out of my birth area in NJ. I located all 12 men KIA at Chickamauga/Chattanooga in the Chattanooga National Cemetery and more are buried in the Marietta National Cemetery. We then post bio’s and headstone pix on a separate Find A Grave site dedicated to the 13th NJ. We have identified the locations of over 150 men so far.

    I also try to help people in their Ancestry search of their veterans past with regimental and corps histories through the American Civil War Database and try to locate their burial location.

    Ron Linfonte

  3. John Foskett Says:

    Dave: As another member of the ABT, I commend you for this generous use of the “profit margin”. The ground at Shiloh, IIRC, is that defended by Hickenlooper’s 5th Ohio Light during the initial attack (and more or less adjacent to the position occupied at the same time by Munch’s 1st Minnesota Light.) Significant real estate from a historical perspective. Alternatively folks can donate to save the equally important ground at Glendale where Randol’s 1st US, Battery E put up as desperate defense.

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