Seminar in the Woods 2018 update


Just to let you all know, we now have 38 pre-registered attendees for Friday, March 9; leaving only about fourteen spots left on the bus. If you are interested in attending, please reserve your seat now. Last year we sold out, and this year we look to be doing the same.


Don’t be left hauling the cannon!

Send your checks ASAP, and please, provide an email address for confirmation purposes.

details for the Seminar can be foundĀ here


On a final note: if you have not received an email confirmation from me, please check to see if your check cleared your bank. I didn’t have emails for some attendees.


Thanks and see you all in March!


2 Responses to “Seminar in the Woods 2018 update”

  1. Daniel Sheron Says:

    Dave, With Jim Ogden being a Federal employee and Chickamauga NP being a Federal park, are there any plans for seminar cancellation or alternative plans if the Federal government shutdown runs into March 2019?

    • Dave Powell Says:


      First of all, I really hope this thing doesn’t go into March! That would be a huge problem, and not just for the Seminar.

      We will have an alternative. On Friday, we can go to McLemore’s Cove as planned. Under the current rules, we can also go to Chickamauga, which is open – just not the Visitor’s Center. Hopefully that will not change. In the past, Jim has offered to donate his time to the group in similar circumstances, and might be willing to do so again. God forbid that we have to face this issue, I will feel him out on it when the time comes.

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