CCNMP Study Group Update

Dear Study Group:

First if all, let me say thank you!

As of today, January 30, Friday’s Bus is SOLD OUT. 

If you have questions about whether or not you have a reservation, stay tuned. Check your bank to see if your check has cleared; I have only cashed the checks of those with confirmed spaces. If I receive additional reservation requests going forward, I will contact you personally to inform you that there is no additional space.

If you still want to attend Friday’s tour, I suggest the following:

Join the group at 8 am on Friday, at the Visitor’s Center. At that time, I will know of any cancellations, and will let folks know if there is additional space. Even if there is not space, you can still follow the bus in your personal vehicle, and meet us when we stop for interpretation. We will be spending a lot of time dismounted on the Resaca battlefield, so you will still be able to enjoy the stylings of Mr Jim Ogden and my own, less articulate contributions.

Saturday is of course, free and open to all.

this is the earliest we have ever filled the bus, and I am grateful for everyone’s continued interest in the group.


5 Responses to “CCNMP Study Group Update”

  1. Norman Shaw Says:


    This is Norman Shaw with the Knoxville CWRT. We met briefly on opening day of the Resaca state park as you came off one of the hiking tours. By coincidence, I’m planning a tour of Resaca on Sat., March 18th, led by Jim Ogden, I think this is the weekend after your bus tour for a Walk in the Woods with Jim.

    I was wondering what size bus you will be using in case I might consider that option. We will probably have about 25 max. and for the last two years had a caravan of 7 vehicles for two Chattanooga tours led by Jim.

    • Dave Powell Says:

      We use a 55 seat bus. I use Royal Charter out of Cleveland, they have been very good. The fee is about $900.

  2. Patrick McCormick Says:

    And, if you leave your hoodie on the bus, you might be able to meet the driver near Ooltewah and get it back that same night!

  3. Clint Says:

    I plan on attending. I wish I could have registered sooner but didn’t know until a few days ago that I could. Can I pay that morning or do I still need to send a check? I don’t mind driving behind the bus, but maybe I can talk Alan Guthrie into giving me his seat! Haha!


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