2017 Study Group Update


The 2016 Study Group facing a withering fire near Kelly Field

Hello all,

As of January 1st, sign-ups for the March 10-11 2017 Chickamauga Study Group are progressing well.

We have 21 reserved on the bus, out of 55 available seats. Since we usually get between 45 and 50 attendees, we are nearly halfway.

I also note that there are several familiar names who have professed an interest in going, but have not yet signed up. Don’t be Peter Procrastinator,  the guy who has to follow along behind the bus in his rental car because he forgot to get his check in on time!

For the details, follow this link: https://chickamaugablog.wordpress.com/2016/09/25/ccnmp-study-group-2017-seminar-in-the-woods/

Remember, all the money raised outside of necessary expenses (Bus rental and a little photocopying) goes towards preservation or National Military Park needs. Last year the $900 we donated was split between preserving acreage at Dalton through the Civil War Preservation Trust, and contributing to the Friends of the Park’s monument repair fund.


Thank you, and see you all soon.

3 Responses to “2017 Study Group Update”

  1. Chickamauga and Resaca in March 2017 | Emerging Civil War Says:

    […] See https://chickamaugablog.wordpress.com/2017/01/02/2017-study-group-update/ for details. […]

  2. Art Foulkes Says:

    Dear Dave:
    i put my reservation for the 2017 group along with a deposit in the mail today.
    My brother in law is a descendant of a soldier who served in the 96 th Illinois which I understand being part of the reserve corps. was engaged in the final defense of Horseshoe Ridge late on the 20th of Sept 1863. THis soldier apparently survived that battle unscathed, but less than a year later during the start of Sherman’s Atlanta campaign the 96 th was again engaged in the feint attack on Rocky Faced Ridge on May 6, 1864, where this soldier was leg wounded. Apparently the leg wound was not serious enough for immediate discharge from the army as his record shows he was discharged from the regiment along with many others in May 1865 at wars’ end

    AS part of the Friday bus tour journeying toward Resaca battlefield is a stop planned at Rocky Faced Ridge to discuss the events which took place there as a prior event leading up to Resaca?

    • Dave Powell Says:


      Unfortunately, we did a fair amount of Rocky Face Stuff last year, and we will not be going there this year.

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