A Bit on Volume 3

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This morning I dropped the last signed pre-order for The Chickamauga Campaign, Volume Three: Barren Victory in the mail. With every new release, I have a batch of books that need to be signed and sent off – I take it as a great honor that readers will pay that bit extra for the personal touch.

This year I shipped 60 books – 51 copies of Barren Victory, and 8 or 9 copies of older titles. Interestingly enough, this is about double each of what I signed and packaged for Vols. I and II.The trend line is positive.


Here is a picture of that shipping process, just commencing. Note all the boxes on the back wall, by the window; I’ll be needing warehousing soon. Also, the maps you see on that table beneath the books are of Moccasin Bend. I have been hard at work drawing troop movements for the next project, the Maps of Chattanooga. Need to speed that one up.


This year I sent off books to three distant lands (four if you count Texas – just kidding) Norway, the Philippines, and the UK. The gentleman from Norway has ordered the previous volumes, as well; I assume he has a connection to Union Colonel Hans Heg, a native of Norway who was mortally wounded at Chickamauga. There is a statue of Heg in Lier, his birthplace, some distance southwest of Oslo. I’ve always been unable to successfully download a good picture of that monument, so instead, here is one from Madison Wisconsin, where the good Colonel stands guard over the capitol.


Those overseas books cost a pretty penny to ship, by the way – I am doubly impressed by the effort those folks made to obtain my work.

I trust that the sharp increase in signed-book order volume bodes well for overall sales. I know we did a brisk business at the park.

My thanks to all who ordered.


8 Responses to “A Bit on Volume 3”

  1. Sir Says:

    Do you know what’s up with availability through Amazon? Third volume is not yet available.

  2. Dave Powell Says:

    I don’t know. There is always a time lag between when I get the books and when Amazon starts shipping. But I don’t know the specific logistics of all that, or when they should start. But it should be soon.

  3. Mike Maude Says:

    Got my hardcopy from Amazon yesterday,

  4. John Foskett Says:

    Latest I got was that mine should be arriving this coming week – but still hasn’t shipped.

  5. Peg E. Rollans Says:

    Is it possible to order a set of the three volumes, all signed? I am a direct descendent of MG William T. Martin, and happily just discovered your site. Thank you.

  6. Jack Hanson Says:

    I am a direct descendent of James Verity from Ohio who was wounded at this battle and speaks of it in his journal. I would like information on getting signed books. Thanks

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