Barren Victory, Volume 3 of the Chickamauga Campaign, at the Printer

Volume 3 is at the printer. That means that in a few short weeks, I will have copies in my hands. We finished proofing last week, and I have seen a pdf of the whole thing: at about 450 pages, it won’t be as lengthy a tome as the previous volumes, but it is still a large chunk of paper and ink.

For those of you who wish to have signed copies, now is the time to order. You can get them direct from Savas Beatie, or come visit me at Chickamauga-Chattanooga National Military Park over the battle’s anniversary weekend – September 16-18 – where I expect to be doing signings. That weekend will mark the book’s official debut.

Volume 3 covers the battle’s aftermath, with discussion of each side’s options (did Bragg bungle away the CSA’s best shot at victory?) and includes extensive order of battle detail.

Now is the time to get all three volumes in hardcover, if you don’t have the first two, or complete the set.


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9 Responses to “Barren Victory, Volume 3 of the Chickamauga Campaign, at the Printer”

  1. Ted Savas Says:

    Can I get a copy, too? With a signature?

    (Congrats, DP. Hell of a magnum opus.)

  2. Dave Powell Says:

    Of course you can, Ted. Just send me a signed copy of our next book contract.:)

  3. J Rees Says:


  4. Clark Acton Says:

    Dave: Does the military park benefit if the book is purchased from the Visitor Center bookstore instead of direct from Savas Beatie?

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