A little help from my friends…

Just a quick note. We are preparing to publish a paperback edition of The Chickamauga Campaign, Vol. I – A Mad Irregular Battle.

This means that we can clean up annoying typos.

So, if you know of any, please send them my way. Be specific – page and paragraph, etc.

We will try and correct as many as possible.



8 Responses to “A little help from my friends…”

  1. Clark Acton Says:

    P. 385 “with war broke out”
    P. 391 first paragraph “Dodge attacking farter”
    P. 465 “before he could do little more learn the…”
    P. 501 “With(out) the support of either…”
    P. 551 “in fact, he and has men”
    P. 581 “Everyone expected to a hard engagement”
    P. 594 “in charge of the arm’s right wing”
    P. 595 “it would him take several hours”

    Glory or the Grave errata
    p. 338 2nd paragraph line 3 “Coleman’s left” (or right?)
    P. 351 Last paragraph line 3 “the this”
    P. 351 first paragraph line 2 “descended down”(?)
    P. 357 Last paragraph (S)ome of Sam Beatty’s
    P. 368 2nd paragraph “would extend Kershaw’s line left (right?) eastward (westward?)
    P. 382 1st paragraph line 8 “partially” (partly?)
    P. 384 last paragraph don’t you mean XIV Corp’s left flank? And again on P. 385 1st paragraph
    P. 389 is Wetzel’s quote actually “knight”?
    P. 434 3rd paragraph line 5 Confederate left (right?)
    P. 435 2nd paragraph line 7 Union left (right?) flank
    P. 701 2nd paragraph 6th line “Dennis if(he) had”

    Dave, I’m not the best at recognizing orientation of troops on maps, so if the left/right questions above are correct, my apologies.

  2. Dave Powell Says:

    thanks much. I will check them out.

  3. Nathan Towne Says:

    Hi Dave,

    How are you doing? I was wondering if the plan is to go forward with the annual Chickamauga tour again next year in March of 2017? If so, I think that I will be attending it if that is alright.

    Nathan Towne

  4. Dave Powell Says:

    The annual Study group will be on March 10-11, 2017

  5. Dave Powell Says:


    I will announce the details here on the blog, and on facebook. I usually put out the first notice in October or early November. All details will be given then.

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