Trump’s Chickamauga?

OK, this is hands down the most unexpected Chickamauga reference I have seen lately.

Check out this post on another site:

money excerpt:

“I took my cigar out of my mouth, gazed at the butt philosophically, then looked up and caught him in my steely gaze.  “It was more like Chickamauga,” I growled.

“How so?” a guy from Brookfield wanted to know.  He is a bona fide Civil War buff.

“You Cruz boys had the advantage of home territory, the Trump guys made some tactical missteps, and you launched a devastating attack right through an internally generated hole in the Trump lines,” I noted.  “But the hard core of Trump support rallied, gained a few delegates, and retired in order from the field.  Lessons were learned.  Now Trump reinforcements are gathering for the next battle in New York, where Cruz will probably find the outcome far less encouraging.” 


That is so cool.

PS, this is not a chance to let everyone trot out their various political opinions and theories. Just bask in the idea of Chickamauga becoming the new go-to reference.:)


3 Responses to “Trump’s Chickamauga?”

  1. Lou Mosier Says:

    If they had only referenced your books in a footnote….

  2. J Rees Says:

    loved it – thanks

  3. Chris Evans Says:

    That’s interesting.

    I was watching John Ford’s classic film ‘The Sun Shines Bright’ recently and it makes a reference to Chickamauga which I found neat too.

    Maybe Chickamauga will become like going ‘a bridge too far’.


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