2016 Study Group final update

This will probably be the last update on the 2016 Study Group.

We have 42 folks registered. The bus seats 55. I will be on the road from Friday, March 4 onward, and so I will not be able to record and confirm your registration after that date. At this point, if you are planning to attend and have not yet sent in your check for Friday the 11th, you’d better plan on signing up on-site. Remember we meet at the Chickamauga-Chattanooga Visitor’s Center at 8:00 a.m.

On Friday evening, we will be conducting a Q&A panel from 7:30 to 9 PM. That Panel will be held at Fort Oglethorpe’s Constitution Hall, 201 Forrest Rd, Fort Oglethorpe GA, just a few minutes from the park’s north entrance.

Panelists will include Lee White, myself and Jim Ogden (of course, what party would be complete without Jim?)

map to Constitution Hall

I decided to include the panel this time because there are often questions that arise on the bus, and not everyone gets to ask their question, nor do we always have time to answer. The panel is new this year, and a bit experimental: We’ll see how well everyone likes it. I hope to see you all there.

Thanks, once again, for making this a great event.


5 Responses to “2016 Study Group final update”

  1. Darryl Smith Says:

    Another fantastic time studying Chickamauga. Thank you, Dave, for getting this seminar together and sharing your expertise with us. And of course, Jim Ogden is a font of knowledge!

    I spoke to my wife about getting down to Chattanooga for the Rosecrans talk…I think she is in for a long weekend. So, whenever you have the details please share them so the planning can begin!

  2. Dave Powell Says:

    I will try and add a formal update to the CCNMP study group later in the week. It was a roaring success, IMHO.

  3. Pat McCormick Says:

    I would agree

  4. Darryl R Smith Says:

    Hi Dave…I don’t have the dates for the 2017 seminar listed anywhere…so I am inquiring as to when it will be next March? Thanks!

  5. Dave Powell Says:


    It will be March 10-11, 2017

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