The end is Nigh…

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Yesterday, Feb 26th, marks an important date: to wit, the beginning of the editing process for The Chickamauga Campaign, Volume Three: Barren Victory. I received the first two chapters of edited text from Ted Savas, and have started working through the notes and comments. I also received this prototype of the book cover earlier in the week.

Barren Victory will be published this fall, September 2016. When it appears, it will represent the completion of a 17 year project (start to finish) representing a good chunk of my writing life. Signing off on that last chapter will be both extremely satisfying and feel a bit like I have lost something important.

The editing process should go fairly rapidly. you’d think that after four previous books with Savas-Beatie, I would have learned to do everything right the first time – hah!. Still, the first comments were not angst-inducing.

The end is indeed nigh…

2 Responses to “The end is Nigh…”

  1. Lou Mosier Says:

    As a kid, I always looked towards September (and the start of a new school year) with a mix of excitement and dread. This year it will be nothing but joyful anticipation.
    I hope you find something satisfying to fill your void upon completing your (extremely successful!) Chickamauga project. Selfishly, I hope it’s an Atlanta project or Stones River project.
    Congratulations on your accomplishments thus far, and best wishes for continued fulfillment and success in the future.

  2. John Foskett Says:

    Great news. And only partly because it “clears the road” for Resaca. (I’m sure Ted only had a short note here and there…)

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