Study Group update

Hello, just a quick update. We now have 38 folks signed up. The bus holds 55, so we still have room. I expect, based on previous history, that we will have about 45 – 50 folks, so if you want to make sure you have a seat ( in case of last minute surges) get your reservation in soon.

Here is the link providing full details.

Looks like we made the right call on Resaca – the park is still not open, though things are progressing. It looks like the grand opening will be on May 13, 2016. A few more details here.

On Friday, we will be stopping first at Cameron Hill in Chattanooga, to discuss the Confederate dispositions to defend the town, and also view the forbidding terrain on the north bank. After that, we will head west towards Jasper, and then up the Sequatchie Valley for a ways before we ascend the western side of Walden Ridge.

We will be tracking the route of the 21st Corps, and more specifically, Wilder’s, Minty’s, Hazen’s, and Wagner’s brigades as they conduct their deception operations in front of Chattanooga.

This part of the campaign is not much traveled by tour groups; it is remote and time-consuming – hard to squeeze into a conventional tour. The ongoing success of the CCNMP Study Group has allowed us to explore many such secondary sites, as well as enjoy some of the best scenery in the southeastern United States.

See you in just about a month.




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