Glory or the Grave makes the History Book Club

I have been reliably informed that Glory or the Grave, Volume II of The Chickamauga Campaign, is the January 2016 selection of the History Book Club.


The Chickamauga Campaign cover low res

Thank you, HBC, and the good folks at Savas-Beatie. This is very cool.


5 Responses to “Glory or the Grave makes the History Book Club”

  1. Louis Mosier Says:

    What took them so long?!?! 🙂

  2. Pat McCormick Says:

    Is this your first HBC since Maps? (I’m pretty sure I picked up Maps from HBC, though I don’t recall if it was a featured selection or not.)

  3. Dave Powell Says:

    Pat, Failure made the clubs also. I think I probably sold and extra 1,000 copies of Failure via the book club.

  4. J Rees Says:

    nice going . . . looking forward to reading

  5. Chuck Stephens Says:

    Dave, I plan on visiting Chattanooga/Chickamauga area for a couple of days. Any suggestions on what to see. I enjoyed your books. Thanks. Chuck.

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