Book update:

The Chickamauga Campaign cover low res

Great news!

Here is the cover of Volume II

I am happy to announce that The Chickamauga Campaign, Vol. II: Glory or the Grave is now one step closer to being a real thing.

Savas-Beatie tells me that they expect delivery from the printer on September 14.

I will be signing books at Chickamauga on September 18 and 19, 2015, and have been assured that books will be available at the park bookstore for that event. Thus, that will be the book’s debut, as well as the 152nd anniversary of theĀ battle of Chickamauga.

I hope to see you all there.

If not, titles will soon be available in all your regular retail outlets,

other events:

I will be speaking at the Louisville Civil War Round Table on Friday, September 11th,

I will be doing an event at the Abraham Lincoln bookstore on Thursday, October 1st.

I will be talking about the Army of the Cumberland at the Kenosha Civil War Museum on Saturday, November 14th.

5 Responses to “Book update:”

  1. Andy Papen Says:

    Great news! I think I know what will go to the top of the reading list in late September….

  2. Chris Evans Says:

    Excellent news!

    Have you come across good personal accounts of Confederate Western Theater Artillery gunners? I have been studying them fairly intently. Interested as you have really been immersed in such excellent source material for your wonderful books.


  3. Dave Powell Says:


    Look for the John Euclid McGee Diary (Stanford MS Bty) at Duke University, D. H. Dent letters, Den’t AL Bty) at Auburn – they are digital, and you can download them; The Lumsden Diary, Lumsden’s AL Bty, at the Alabama Dept of Archives and history; and of course you probably want to dig into Larry Daniel’s “Cannoneers in Gray” for his sources. There aren’t many, but those above are all pretty good – McGee is outstanding.

    • Chris Evans Says:

      Thanks for the info. I think it will be very helpful.

      I’ve been trying to get in a 19th century mindset lately. It’s hard.


  4. Darryl Smith Says:

    Cannot wait for Volume II of your Tour de Force!

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