It’s Alive!

OK. Though you might not know it based on the activity here, it has been a busy couple of months for me.

First, the best news of all. At the end of July we finished the editing process for The Chickamauga Campaign, Vol. II: Glory or the Grave, and sent it off to the printer.

I have once again emerged, blinking, into the light of day.

Here is the info sheet:


Books should be available by mid-September.

In travel news, I will be speaking to the Louisville Civil War Round Table on Friday, September 11th. The topic will be Braxton Bragg’s difficult relationship with the Army of Tennessee’s generals.

On Friday and Saturday, September 18th and 19th, I will be at the Chickamauga-Chattanooga National Military Park Bookstore, signing new copies of “Glory or the Grave.” I will also, of course, be roaming the battlefield, playing fly on the wall to the various park staff as they lead battle walks, and generally enjoying myself. Come out to visit if you get the chance.

In other news I just finished up a road trip out east, where I spent some time at various research libraries, including the Indiana Historical Society, the Army Heritage and Education Center at Carlisle PA, and the National Civil War Musuem in Harrisburg. At that last, I obtained a copy of an outstanding set of diaries from Lt. Robert B. Davidson of the 35th Ohio, which had a little bit of a part to play at Chickamauga. I have cross-posted more about that trip here

Since it is August, and we are once again moving into the annual Chickamauga Campaign commemoration cycle, I also thought I would post a few things from the material I have amassed, including fascinating Davidson’s diary. Look for some of those posts in the next few days.


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