Update on March Seminar


We now have 35 attendees, so the bus is filling up; We should be close to a full load by the time March 6 rolls around.

We will be spending some time at Resaca, but probably not as much as I’d like. The park entrance is right by a highway overpass that is under construction. This work was supposed to be completed awhile ago, but has not yet been finished. In the past, groups have managed to get special access, but I am not sure if we will – apparently the contractor is going to try and finish the work soon, so that the park can finally open full-time later in the spring.

If we can’t get full access to Resaca, we will still visit there to discuss the place’s importance to Bragg, in 1863, and to look at the first efforts to really fortify the area in response to the Chickamauga Campaign.

Additionally, Jim Ogden and I discussed the feasibility of exploring the February action around Dug Gap through Rocky Face Ridge, near Dalton. This was a Federal movement that resulted in a small battle, initiated when Grant ordered George Thomas to occupy Joe Johnston’s attention while Sherman conducted his expedition to Meridian, Mississippi.

The February movement represents the first post-Chattanooga Union offensive, however small, and sets the stage for the larger effort to come, beginning in May of 1864.

So no matter what, we will have plenty to do on March 6. If you haven’t signed up and want to attend, please send me your reservation soonest.








One Response to “Update on March Seminar”

  1. Clark Acton Says:

    Dave: Thank you again for all you and Jim Ogden do to make these seminars each Spring a grand success. Neither KY snow nor GA red tape can stop you. I am already looking forward to next year.

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