Some business updates

First, and update on the March Seminar. Right now, I have 17 paid attendees, though a number more folks have told me they intend to come. If the same pattern follows from last year, we will once again be close to filling the bus on Friday, so if you haven’t yet paid to reserve your seat, please do so.

here is the post detailing the trip info:

Secondly, I am pleased to announce that we are begining final edit on Volume II of the Chickamauga Trilogy, Glory or the Grave. This means we are on track for a spring publication. With 29 chapters, it is quite the project.


3 Responses to “Some business updates”

  1. Mark Says:

    Cheers! Your first book is a grand adventure so far. Look forward to the second … a to more walks.

  2. OhioatPerryville Says:

    I agree with Mark…the first book is excellent and I cannot wait to read the second and get on the battlefield again. Thanks for all you do for Chickamauga!

  3. Theo Savas Says:

    Thanks all, I hope you will leave a review on Amazon for David and others to see. Opinions matter. A lot. Thanks for your support. We all appreciate it.

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