In the bowels of the book factory…

Before you can read the books, the printer has to print the books. And, for some folks, I need to sign the books.

Here is a shot of my signing station:

Signing 2 (1)

For those of you who requested a signed copy, rest assured that all work here in the signing shop is lovingly hand-crafted in the old world tradition.

Let’s get the full ambiance, shall we?

Signing 2 (2)

Even as I type, the first books are already heading out across the country on their way to soon-to-be happy customers. I even have one book going to Norway! They must be Hans Heg fans…

Dave Powell


7 Responses to “In the bowels of the book factory…”

  1. Louis Mosier Says:

    Amazon now estimates a delivery date of 25NOV.

    • Louis Mosier Says:

      Just got my copy yesterday! No, I didn’t stay up all night reading it. I tried, but ended up falling asleep in bed with my book propped up on my chest (luckily without losing my place). No reflection on Dave’s riveting writing…more indicative of my age and work schedule. Can’t wait to resume reading tonight…

  2. Sir Says:

    Received mine from Amazon today.

  3. Theodore P. Savas Says:

    Just another reason Savas Beatie loves working with David Powell. And why our customers and his legions of fan love reading him.

    • Louis Mosier Says:

      Here’s hoping for many more years of that fruitful and beneficial relationship between Dave and Savas Beatie…beneficial especially to us readers!

  4. James Frazier Says:

    i just ordered my copy this evening along with copies of The Petersburg Campaign vol 1&2, hope they arrive before Christmas.

  5. Picnic Locations in Gurgaon Says:

    Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.

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