March, 2015

It will soon be time to post the information for the 2015 CCNMP Study Group. We have dates (March 6-7, 2015) and plenty of topics, but here is a question for you – What does everyone think of expanding the Study Group’s purview to the battle of Resaca, May 1864?

One topic suggested last year was to look at Confederate Logistics, including how Resaca fit into Bragg’s supply circumstances in September 1863. For the better part of a week, Resaca was Bragg’s railhead. Resaca’s defenses were first erected during this time frame, and it was garrisoned by militia and state troops.

But if we go to Resaca, it seems a shame to ignore the new state park, and the very interesting battle fought the very next spring. Almost nothing has been written on Resaca, and it is well worth a look.

So I would like to solicit some feedback – what do you think?


11 Responses to “March, 2015”

  1. Andy Papen Says:

    Why not?

  2. Keith Hatch Says:

    An operational/tactical study of the 1864 Battle of Resaca is long overdue. I’m sure it would be very welcome by the CW community.

  3. guitarmandanga Says:

    Resaca would indeed be a welcome diversion to me. As to written coverage, I believe Scott Patchan is at work on a study right now (I had toyed with the idea myself)—which, having read his “Shenandoah Summer,” is good news indeed.

    My question is how would Resaca figure in the “Seminar in the Woods” format? Would this be, in essence, the Friday bus tour, reserving Chickamauga-ness for Saturday? Would it be a supplementary trip on a Sunday (I know that at one point back in the past there were the occasional Sunday morning encore jaunts, usually to Snodgrass Hill)?

  4. Alan Says:

    There is much more about Chickamauga, Chattanooga & Missionary Ridge I would like to explore ahead of Resaca.

  5. Brad Butkovich Says:

    I wouldn’t mind touring Resaca. I’ve studied it quite a bit. However, do we limit ourselves to just the state park, or does somebody contact the owners of the Chitwood farm and get permission to tour the Van Den Corput battery position, and the scene of the Williams/Stewart battle? And possibly parts of the Stanley/Stevenson battle on the same land.

    I’ve toyed with writing about Resaca too, but its years away and I don’t know if I can do any better than Scott Patchan. I just finished his book on 3rd Winchester and loved it.

  6. Brad Butkovich Says:

    Also, in the future we might consider for the Friday bus tour a trip to the Dalton area. The trip down I75 would be quick. You have Tunnel Hill, Dug Gap, Mill Creek Gap, and the new Potato Hill Park all within easy driving distance once you get to Dalton. I was just at Potato Hill 2 weeks ago. Its a nice little park, but also quite a hike and very steep.

  7. Pat McCormick Says:

    I’m all for a visit to Resaca and in particular a discussion of the battle. I’m thinking the discussion of the logistical role of Resaca in 1863 would not be all that lengthy, giving us plenty of time to cover the action in the battlefield park. Either as one half of the bus tour on Friday or a “supplemental” as suggested above. (Though as a supplemental we’d be in car-caravan mode…)

  8. Sam Elliott Says:

    Good idea

  9. Lee Elder Says:

    I haven’t been able to attend the study group yet (business makes it difficult) and I hope to be able to one year soon. I guess that makes me an outsider, but my opinion is that since I don’t live near Chickamauga I have to limit my trips there. I am still trying to get my head around what happened on the 20th, so I would want to dedicate every bit of available time during a trip to the CCNMP to being at that location.
    Lee Elder

  10. Pat McCormick Says:

    Actually, given the distance from Chickamauga to Resaca, I’m thinking that Resaca would be an all-day excursion, with a lunch break somewhere in the ‘hood. Maybe coming or going we could even go through Snake Creek Gap…and the interstate through Rocky Face the other direction.

    (OK, somebody stop me before i go off the rails…)

  11. Trevor Siprelle Says:

    I’m all about the Resaca trip and the Bragg 1863 connection. This is not mentioned very often at all. Sounds Great!

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