Leet’s Farmhouse

Leet's Farmhouse

I came across this photo some time ago. This is the house of Arthur Leet, of Leet’s Spring, scene of a sharp action between John T. Wilder’s Federals and John Pegram’s Confederate cavalry a week before the Battle of Chickamauga. Union and Confederate casualties were laid out on the porch.

I confess I don’t know if this an image of how the house looked at the time of the battle, or a postwar structure (in whole or part.) It is a somewhat grander affair than the more primative cabins found on the battlefield. Of course, Arthur Leet was fairly well-to-do by 1863, North Georgia standards.

2 Responses to “Leet’s Farmhouse”

  1. Pat McCormick Says:

    Looks kind of similar to the Gordon-Lee mansion – was Leet THAT wealthy, perhaps?

    • Dave Powell Says:

      The difference is that Leet’s dwelling is wood-siding over a log house, while the Gordon Mansion was built of brick. Leet was well-to-do, with a farm, a going tanning concern, and his duties as a Methodist minister, but he was no James Gordon.

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