Researching Atlanta

I have begun to spend some serious time digging through archives for the Atlanta Campaign. Previously, I have visited the University of Texas at Austin, the Bentley Library at University of Michigan, the Tennessee State Library and archives, and a couple of smaller sites. 

Most recently, I spent two days at Carlisle, at the hugely impressive US Army Heritage & Education Center.

So many of these places now allow digital photography of documents, which is a godsend to researchers. I now have nearly 2,000 digital images (jpegs and pdfs) of documents pertinent to the campaign, including hundreds of letters and diaries. 


Now, of course, all I have to do is sort them out… should be a snap.

4 Responses to “Researching Atlanta”

  1. James F. Epperson Says:

    Put your faithful canine research assistant to work on it …

  2. Louis Mosier Says:

    Dave, Are you also collecting unit histories that cover Atlanta? One of my ancestors served in Co E, 12th WIsconsin Infantry, and I found their company history, published in 1893, a rather interesting read. Chapter 20 (about 50 pgs) specifically covers their participation in the Atlanta campaign. You can download the book as a pdf file (free) from Google books. Title is “Story Of The Service Of Company E, And Of The Twelfth Wisconsin Regiment, Veteran Volunteer Infantry, In The War Of The Rebellion.”

    Have fun with your new endeavor…looking forward to reading the fruits of your last one. (I pre-ordered vols I and II).

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