The Book Trailer…

I have been distracted of late. Nose-to-grindstone stuff. 

But, Savas-Beatie has a book trailer for The Chickamauga Campaign, Vol. I




8 Responses to “The Book Trailer…”

  1. nitrofd Says:

    I can’t wait for the time to go buy…hoorah

  2. Christopher Coleman Says:

    Savas Beatie has got to stop this: coming out with books that I absolutely must have!

  3. John Foskett Says:

    Sounds like an August ETA for this one – again, looking forward to it. What’s the latest ETA for the Chattanooga essay collection?

    • Dave Powell Says:

      I don’t know about the essays. Evan Jones and Wiley Sword are handling all the grunt work on that one, and so I am less involved in the day to day. Soon I hope.:)

  4. Chris Evans Says:

    Looks and sounds awesome.

    Never can be enough written on Chickamauga.


  5. John Foskett Says:

    Dave: Thanks. The LSU website still says “May 2014” but we know how that goes.

  6. Don Hallstrom Says:

    Hello Dave

    Looks great. I see on the SB site that they are advertising the 2nd volume. Do you have a projected timeline for release of volume 2 and then volume 3?

    Don H.

  7. John Foskett Says:

    Dave: Update on the Gateway essays. It appears that review copies are now out there, at least. I shall therefore order.

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