Study Group Update

To all attendees: We are nearing the Feb 1st Deadline, when I have to pony up for the bus and cancellation becomes non-refundable. The good news is that we have more than enough folks signed up, so the bus is no problem, though there are still seats available. Between those already signed up and the NPS folks who usually attend, I expect we will have 30 attendees, just about the right sized group for what we like to do. 

If you haven’t signed up and plan to, get your check in the mail, please. to make sure you get a seat. Here’s a link to the original post, BTW:


13 Responses to “Study Group Update”

  1. Bill wheeler Says:

    The link seems to lead to the 2013 event information. I’m not necessarily the sharpest knife in the drawer, but is there more about the 2014 event with dates, etc.? I’d like to attend – work permitting.

  2. Dave Powell Says:


    Yes, I screwed up. I have edited the post to link to the 2014 info. Sorry.

  3. Bill Wheeler Says:

    Anyone who says they’ve never done the same is a liar so no worries. I visited the park for the first time a month or so back and had the infinite good fortune to do a driving tour with Ranger Lee White. I asked him about the definitive book on the battle and he said it hadn’t been written yet, but said it was coming out in January. Of course, he was referring to your upcoming book release. He also mentioned the “map book” and I picked up a copy at the visitor center. I’m 3/4s through and thoroughly enjoying it. So much so that I also have it in eReader format, though the real book is a much better presentation. The intro to the maps talks about your tours of the battlefield as a fantastic experience so now I’m hoping I can make the tour and keep checking Barnes and Noble for the release of your book. Long way round to you can thank Ranger White for selling a couple of books for you at least. I’m also sending copies to my Dad who happens to live nears Antietam and is a military historian himself – I know he’ll enjoy both. Best regards – Bill

    • Dave Powell Says:

      Bill, Thanks for the kind words. I think you would really enjoy the seminar. I will thank Lee, he is a good friend. As for my book, January is a bit optimistic – more like April or May. These things always seem to take longer than we expect… Dave

  4. Brad Butkovich Says:

    I’m looking forward to it again this year!

  5. Civil War Perspectives Says:

    My significant other put a check in the mail today. However, she sent one of her checks that will have Tiffany Martin on it but I will be the one attending: Trevor Siprelle. Will this create an issue. I can send one of my checks but my new ones won’t be here before the February 1st deadline.


  6. Bill Wheeler Says:

    Rats! Have to be in Seattle for work I just found out. Tried to reschedule without success. Have fun and safe travels all. Maybe next year. Anything else going on at the park or future events that I should keep an eye out for or other sources of what’s going on at the park? Am subscribed to their FB page.

    • Dave Powell Says:

      Bill, the only other thing I do is subscribe to “Chickamauga” via Google News.

      • Bill Wheeler Says:

        I live down neer St. Louis on the Illinois side. As I recall, you’re up north of me a ways. If you’re ever doing a book signing, lecture, etc., I’d certainly be interested. I grew up in the Northern Virginia area and have done most of the battlefields out that way. What I love about Chickamauga is it seems like despite being the largest park, there’s less known and published about the battle than any other. I don’t know why, but I find that really appealing.

      • Dave Powell Says:

        Bill, I live NW of Chicago. I was also drawn to Chickamauga by the fact that it, compared to so many other battles, seems ‘forgotten”

  7. Darryl Smith Says:

    As I was driving home today it occurred to me that I had completely forgotten about sending the check for the bus! I will have it in tomorrow’s post!

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