A New Book

Another project nears completion…


I have a couple of essays in this publication from LSU, and am honored to be among such august company. I have seen some of the other work included, and I think that this is going to be a very worthwhile new addition to the study of the Campaigns for Chattanooga.


7 Responses to “A New Book”

  1. John Foskett Says:

    Dave: That’s an impressive lineup. What’s the projected ETA?

  2. John Foskett Says:

    Thanks. Adding it to the list.

  3. Jeff Burress Says:


    Trying to pinpoint where actions occurred with Wheeler’s Sequatchie Valley Raid as I had relatives in three regiments commanded by him. Want to visit those sites on the ground. Do you have information that I could use that might be helpful in locating the areas of interest?

    email: at37841man@yahoo.com

    • Dave Powell Says:


      Wheeler crossed the Tennessee between the communities of Old Washington and Decatur, Tenn, at cottonport ferry. He crossed Walden’s Ridge following the track of TN State Route 30, into Pikeville. There he divided his column, Sending Wharton and Davidson across the Cumberland Plateau towards McMinnville, and took Martin’s Division south down the Sequatchie Valley to Powell’s crossroads – today the intersection of SR 283 and SR 27. the Union trains destroyed there were along SR 27 to the east, going up the mountain. From there, Wheeler headed for McMinnville to rejoin Wharton and Davidson. His exact route is hard to fgure, but I think he went back towards Dayton, and then followed the road that is today SR 8 towards McMinnville.

      • Jeff Burress Says:

        Thanks so much, Dave. I have read the 1899 edition of Campaigns of Wheeler and His Cavalry and snippets from the official records on the raid. Would like to further pinpoint where battles, skirmishes and site where the train of wagons actually were destroyed. Would like to walk any farmland, old roads, current roads where actions occurred with this destruction. Have any suggestions of material yo may know of (diaries, reports, books) where I can research more material in an effort to locate exact spots of interest?

        Any ideas or information you may have knowledge of please pass along.

        Thank you!
        Jeff Burress

      • Dave Powell Says:

        Jeff, Specifics on where the train was destroyed are hard to find. It was a long train, and would have stretched several miles. You are essentially looking for Haley’s Trace, over Walden Ridge, but there is some evidence that there was a whole spiderweb of wagon trails over the ridge that passed as the trace, not a single road. I would start by checking with Marion county Tennessee historical resources, such as the South Pittsburg Historical society, county library, etc. Dave

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