Monuments and Markers

Below is a picture of one of the more important markers on the Chickamauga-Chattanooga National Military Park.

What is this?

It doesn’t look that important, but it and several others of its kind tell us a great deal about the battle. Some of you, I am sure, recognize this stone (at least the type) right away.


Robert and Brad pegged it – this is a field corner marker, and Brad also nailed the location – Winfrey Field near the Baldwin Mortuary Shell Pyramid.

These field corner markers were placed soon after the park was formed, in order to permanenty record the shape and size of the fields. They are important pieces in defining the physical space of the battlefield, and knowing what the historical fields should have looked like is very helpful in understanding many accounts from participants. A number of them have been lost over the years, but there are still several around. On almost every tour, someone asks what they are.


4 Responses to “Monuments and Markers”

  1. Sam Elliott Says:

    A Tennessee regimental marker. Don’t recognize the marker or the area its in from the location. From the wear and tear on it, I’d say somewhere on the Snodgrass Hill line and if there, one of the markers from Fulton’s or perhaps Gregg’s brigade.

  2. Robert Carter Says:

    David, isn’t this one of the field-corner markers indicating where the farmer’s fields were during the battle? Many are in the woods now.

  3. Robert Carter Says:

    I’m guessing this is the one on the west side of the Dyer field between Lytle Hill and Rosey’s HQ.

  4. Brad Butkovich Says:

    It is a field corner marker. If I’m not mistaken, its the one in Winfrey Field near the Baldwin monument.

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