18th Ohio on Horseshoe Ridge

The sword returns to Horseshoe Ridge

On the afternoon of September 20, 1863, the 18th Ohio charged up the back slope of Hill One on Horseshoe Ridge, Captain Pearly Brown, this sword in hand, led company A up that hill.

Over the 150th, I got a chance to meet some descendents of the 18th Ohio, who were doing their own program, and had to get a picture of myself with Captain Brown’s sword.

Here is a link to the 18th’s Webpage, where you can see more info on the regiment, and on Captain Brown.

(note that Perley and Pearly are both given as spellings of Captain Brown’s first name.)


8 Responses to “18th Ohio on Horseshoe Ridge”

  1. Perry Andrus Says:

    It seems you forgot the link to their webpage.

  2. Dave Powell Says:

    Thanks, Perry, I tend to do that.:) fixed.

  3. Sam Elliott Says:

    You spent a week down here and that’s all you’ve got? Of course, you have to work sometime. . .

  4. Dave Powell Says:

    Time is ever the enemy, Sam.

    I’ve picked up a few images here and there.

  5. Chris Evans Says:

    Yes, please do a post on what the crowds were like at the battlefield, how did the tours go, and what the unveiling of the Lytle monument was like etc.


  6. Lee Elder Says:

    As a descendent of Hilliard’s Legion, and thus Gracie’s Brigade, I would have enjoyed meeting others with family links to the fighting on Horseshoe Ridge. I look forward to reading your full description of the event. I know you were working, but your blog helps those of us who could not be there and I thank you for that.
    Lee Elder

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