How about a free book?

My publisher, Savas Beatie, does some pretty interesting marketing sutff. They do book trailers for new releases, which I never would have thought of, but I think are pretty cool. Now they have sweetened the deal…


FREE BOOK OFFER!: Each person who views the book trailer for my book “Failure in the Saddle” and posts a comment about it here will be entered into a drawing. Savas Beatie will choose one person at random who will win a FREE copy of the book! They will select a winner five days after this is posted, so don’t delay!

So take a look. It might really pay off.

11 Responses to “How about a free book?”

  1. Clark Acton Says:

    This book is now on my wish list. I am counting on seeing Dave at the 150th of Chickamauga to sign it for me.

  2. Chris Evans Says:

    IThe trailer really makes clear in a short amount of time how this part of the Chickamauga saga has not been dealt with in detail over the years and makes you want to read the book and see how the interactions of Forrest, Wheeler, and Bragg are detailed.

    It is a good book trailer as Savas usually does.


  3. Louis Mosier Says:

    I already have the book (signed by Dave at his “Seminar in the Woods” at Chickamauga) so I don’t need to enter the contest. However, I do want to encourage all Chickamauga Blog readers who haven’t read “Failure in the Saddle” to get a copy. Dave’s intimate knowledge of the battle and astute facts-based analysis help him present a convincing argument while his cogent writing style and the book’s excellent maps make “Failure in the Saddle” a joy to read. If you have any interest in the Chickamauga campaign or in Confederate cavalry operations…or just want an excellent book about a Civil War battle that’s not Gettysburg…get this book!

  4. Robert Rainey Says:

    Very interesting. N.B. Forrest was undoubtedly a courageuos fighter but his roll here and at Spring Hill has tarnished his reputation as a strategist.

  5. Cheryl K. Says:

    I do have an interest in the Chickamauga campaign! My great-grandfather was with the 82nd Indiana Volunteers at Snodgrass Hill. I will get a copy of the book, one way or another – great trailer!

  6. Brian K Says:

    I too plan on reading this. I have an ancestor who I believe was serving under Forrest at this time on detached service from the 12th TN . Although I’m having trouble figuring out where he was and when. That OOB might do me some good.

  7. Walter G Says:

    Can’t wait to read your book. I really like the fact that there is a driving tour included along with maps. My favorite campaign to read about!

  8. mitchell werksman Says:

    I have read the book along with Dave’s Maps of Chickamauga and find them invalueable if you have any interest in the battle.The book really makes you wonder how Wheeler was able to get ahead.

  9. Chris Evans Says:

    A really entertaining portrayal of Wheeler is contained in the excellent 1997 TNT movie ‘Rough Riders’.

    Gary Busey is pretty much insane as Wheeler in this Spanish American War movie. I think of the portrayal as part Busey, part Wheeler. He doesn’t wear a full beard unfortunately just a mustache but he is a absolute hoot.

    He has all kind of references to the Civil War. He oddly states to President Mckinley that Nathan Bedford Forrest was a better cavalryman than him (odd since they hated each other so much). He has a wonderful little confrontation with a Federal officer about the Atlanta campaign not being one of his finest moments. He gets to say the immortal line about the Yankees being on the run instead of the Spaniards and poor Joe Wheeler Jr has to listen to Wheeler Sr ramble about his antics at the Battle of Shiloh while Wheeler Sr is out of his head with the fever.

    Also, Tom Berenger is just great as Theodore Roosevelt in this production.

    I recommend it highly as a wonderfully entertaining movie even if it isn’t always 100% accurate. It might unfortunately be the only time that Wheeler is brought to film in all of his flawed glory.


  10. Theodore. P. Savas Says:

    Thanks all for your continued interest. Please consider writing a review on Amazon and/or your Facebook page and letting us know. Your opinion matters to others who are wondering about this title, and helps them make an informed purchase. Happy reading.

  11. Jeff Smallwood Says:

    The trailer was very good. Most people have a glamorous picture of Forrest and the other Cavalry raiders, but do not really understand how they fit into the big picture of Army tactics. Forrest was a daring and courageous commander, but did not always understand the ‘textbook’ role that Cavalry was supposed to take in battle.
    I was on a tour at Chickamauga yesterday which was led by David Powell, and I am amazed at his knowledge of that battle.

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