Conclave? What’s a Conclave?

So Tuesday night I got back from the first-evah Savas-Beatie Author Conclave (and Heavy-weight Champeenship Bout of the Century!) 

Well, not really that last part, but it felt kinda like that. More than a dozen authors were there, both during the day tours and in the evenings. Given that we met at Gettysburg, as you can imagine the focus was on that battle, and most of the wordsmiths present have written on Eastern Theater events.

Which is quite all right with me – long before I discovered the war in Northern Georgia I was a regular pilgrim to that small south-central Pennsylvania college town. I still enjoy the subject, though I admit that I am pretty dubious about many (if not most) of the books published on the subject.

But the conclave was run pretty much like our own Chickamauga Study Group, which occurs every March. Essentially the tours are short, what I would call modular, so that you can join or leave the group at any time, accommodating busy schedules or to deal with combat fatigue. There is no cost, but of course travel lodging and meals are on your own hook. Attendance was just about perfect, with about 30-35 folks on each tour, a fun but manageable size.

For me, the highlight was meeting my fellow writers, both those who I consider good friends (it was especially fun to see Eric Wittenberg and J D Petruzzi, whom I haven’t seen in a long time) and those whom I didn’t know personally or had met only in passing prior to this event.

It looks like the conclave was a success, and I am pretty sure Ted Savas intends to run it again next year (no idea where yet, so hold your questions, friends.) I shall be there.

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