Update on the Study Group

Since a few folks have been pinging me with emails, I thought I would post a quick update about the study group here.

First, we are on track – we have a nearly full bus, and I am still getting inquiries, so I think we will have a good number for the Friday tours.

Second, I just got back from Chickamauga this weekend, after a preliminary recon and some time with friends in the area. The thinning of the woods has made our Saturday morning tour (opening guns on Sept 19) even better. We can now navigate through the woods instead of via the trails, meaning we can follow the various brigades more closely than otherwise.

Dr. Robertson reports that he will be attending, no change there. I look forward to having him along, with his vast knowledge of the battle.

So, see you all next month. It should be a great time.

Dave Powell


3 Responses to “Update on the Study Group”

  1. Don Hallstrom Says:

    Hi Dave

    I just wanted to ask you to give us an update on your upcoming book in the future.

    Really looking forward to it. I think your publisher does a great job and Chickamauga is my favorite battle.


    • Dave Powell Says:

      We think the book will come out in the Spring of 2014. Too much to do to get it ready in time for this fall.


      • Nathan Towne Says:

        This bodes well for you Dave. Everyone seems to be chomping at the bit.

        Nathan Towne

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