Update on the Study Group

Just an update on the Study Group for March 9 and 10, 2012. We have met our numbers for reserving the bus, so we are all set for Friday. I expect around 25 of us on the bus, including myself and Jim Ogden, maybe a few more.

Here is the link to the previous post outlining the tour:


Friday Morning we are going to examine the Union 21st Corps as it moves from Chattanooga to Ringgold, and then to Lee and Gordon’s Mills, discussing the small action at Graysville. Most of the attention during this part of the campaign always focuses on McLemore’s Cove, but the events we will be exploring are happening at that same time, and do have a substantial bearing on what happened in the Cove.

Friday afternoon will allow us to really dig into the retreat from the battlefield on the night of the 20th, and perhaps answer the question of whether or not Bragg could have pursued – or have even pushed on to Chattanooga.

Saturday we spend time with the 21st Corps again – in the morning with Van Cleve’s 3rd Division, and saturday afternoon with Tom Wood’s 1st Division. Van Cleve’s men have the most difficult time of any Federal units at Chickamauga, while Wood, of course, is famous (or infamous) depending on your military loyalties.

I Hope to see you all there.

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