Study Group Update/Alert

As many of you know, the second weekend in March this year, our study group meets to walk the fields of Chickamauga.

This year, we might have a problem. There is a possibility that as of March 4th, the Federal Government will shut down. I have talked to the park about this, and if that happens, it will pose a greater problem than I first thought.

The park will be entirely closed. Not just the visitor’s center, but the whole park. That means we can’t even park along Lafayette Road and walk in; Park Law enforcement will be working and will ask us to leave.

On Friday, we will need an alternate meeting point for the bus, but no other activities will be effected. On Saturday, however, we will come up with an alternate program. The fight Ringgold is a possibility; as are some activities along Missionary Ridge.

I will post last minute updates here, of course, but for anyone registered, please send me your email and (if possible) cell phone contact info, so I can keep everyone in the loop. Send that info to

I sincerely hope that we will proceed as planned, and that the park will not be closed. If it is, however, I want to be ready.

I also wish to thank Jim Ogden and Lee White, for immediately volunteering their time and services, no matter what the government does – clearly they view thier years of work at the Park as a calling, not just a job, and they are among the best people I know.

Please, no comments of a political nature about the shutdown, who’se to blame, and what should be done. We all have our own opinions, even me, but there are plenty of places on the web to do so without having to express them here.

I hope none of this will be necessary, but I have to be prepared.


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