the things you see…

I was watching a re-run of an old Antiques Roadshow episode last night. All sorts of stuff pops up on this show, some good, some goofy. There’s often a Civil War item.

This show was from 2010, and was the second episode filmed in Miami. Right out of the gate there’s a Civil War officer’s sword. It’s inscribed. Way down on the scabbard, too, which as the appraiser points out, is an odd place for an inscription.

So they have my attention. Then they have my full attention, because it’s from a Lieutenant in the 9th Indiana, and mentions the battle of Lookout Mountain. It turns out the Lieutenant had the inscription placed where it was because a bullet struck the scabbard on that spot,and now his sword is hopelessly jammed in the scabbard. The Lieutenant decided to send the whole thing back home as a momento of his narrow escape.

The owner has a letter from the officer, explaining the whole thing, written December 3rd, 1863. I was of course intrigued, since almost certainly that officer and sword also saw action at Chickamauga.

Here’s a link explaining the whole thing.

9th Indiana Sword

I found it fascinating.


One Response to “the things you see…”

  1. Ricky Hollis Says:

    This summer I will be in Georgia visiting Civil War sites relating to the Battle of Atlanta and Sherman’s March to the Sea. Do you know of any good CD and/or driving guide book in this area.

    Thank you for any help you can give me.

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