And the book is here!

6 cases of Failure in the Saddle arrived yesterday, copies for my own use plus some inventory Savas-Beatie likes me to keep on hand in order to provide signed copies on request and the like.

The book looks great, a fine dustjacket and all the maps in the right place, etc.:)

Since the books are now arriving in people’s hands, I hope that they are also appearing at retailers, Amazon, and any other place you can think of to sell a book. Buy early, buy often.


6 Responses to “And the book is here!”

  1. Tom DeFranco Says:

    Dave, I look forward to buying a copy from you.

  2. Mike Peters Says:


    Congrats man!

    Mike Peters

  3. Sam Elliott Says:

    Just got my copy. It made a nice looking book

  4. Louis Mosier Says:

    Amazon just sent word that they received your book in stock and will be shipping out the preorders to arrive by 21DEC. What a great early Christmas gift (from me to me).

  5. Brad Butkovich Says:

    Just got mine from Amazon this week. The book looks great. I can’t wait to finish it!

  6. Louis Mosier Says:

    Just finished your book. Very in-depth and interesting narrative, useful maps, and great analyses backed up by facts, not histrionics. Two thumbs up…way up!

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