Failure In the Saddle – book trailer

Well, I am eagerly awaiting a copy of my new book on the Confederate Cavalry any day now. I wrote this book several years ago, and it pre-dates the Maps book, but the extra time involved in bringing it to press improved it greatly. It’s more of an analysis piece than the maps book, exploring Forrest and Wheeler, their relationship to Bragg, and how their subordinates performed in the campaign.

Sarah at Savas-Beatie informed me that the new trailer is ready as well – here’s a link – tell me what you think.

3 Responses to “Failure In the Saddle – book trailer”

  1. Andy Papen Says:

    “sometimes romance obscures history” – pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? Especially when Forrest is concerned…

    Really looking forward to this one; certainly my most anticipated book of 2010.

  2. Louis Mosier Says:

    Great trailer! Can’t wait to receive my copy of your book and expand my knowledge of cavalry operations.

  3. John Foskett Says:

    I have this one on order and am looking forward to it. Among other things, it’s about time somebody took a well-thought-out, well-researched analysis of some of Forrest’s actions. Too much Civl War history is riddled with the consequences of taking Sherman’s words at global/face value. With the excellent Maps book, the recent essay on Negley in Woodworth’s collection, and a well-designed simulation game, I’d say that your contributions to a full understanding of this campaign cannot be overestimated. Good work.

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