Additions to the library…

The March tour usually raises some extra cash over and above the bus expense, and in the past I’ve used that extra money to add to the park Library. Currently, the Park does not have a budget line item for new research or enhancing their library. They rely on donations, basically.

This year I’ve been watching for titles that would be appropriate. First and foremost, I would like to thank Tom Clemens for sharing some of the Carman Papers from the New York Public Library with me. Carman, while most famous for his work at Antietam, also served at Chickamauga-Chattanooga, and acquired a fair amount of material on those battles. His papers are in several locations, including the Library of Congress, the NYPL, and up in Boston, I believe. Tom provided me with some very interesting pdf files of material, and in exchange I used some of our funds to help defray his costs. The most interesting part of this material seems to be some correspondence on Resaca, which was unexpected, but welcome.

I’ve also bought, at the park’s request, “The Great Blue Army Wagon” By Thomas Lindmier, which is just what you’d expect – a history of the army transport wagon. Not great armchair reading, but indespensible if you are, say, busy recreating or restoring civil war wagons.:) I hope the park staff spend many happy hours buring in this tome.

I’ve come across a new regimental history of the 99th Ohio, “A Shouting of Orders” by kevin McCray; it includes some nice, previously unused primary sources from the unit.

Another recent purchase is Kenneth Hafendorfer’s book on the Battle of Richmond, KY, which the park also asked for.

It was out of print, but I found a used copy on Amazon which should do the trick.

I still have a fair amount of money left to spend, so I will entertain suggestions. There are several more titles requested by the park guys, as well, that I am tracking down. Suggestions should have some connection to the battles at Chickamauga-Chattanooga, or to units who fought there, etc.

It’s always a lot of fun to track down these things, and I’m also pleased that the money we raise in March provides additional permanent resources for the park, staff, and visitors alike.

Now if we could just fund a librarian…Mr. Ogden needs some help in organizing his collection.

6 Responses to “Additions to the library…”

  1. James F. Epperson Says:

    If the funding is found, are you in line to be the librarian?

  2. Barry Summers Says:

    I think we need to find a retired Librarian in the ChickChatt area. Anyone that either writes or reads this blog should not be considered. They need someone who would “get the job done” not spending all day looking at what is in there and saying witty things like Holy Crap, I did’nt know this was here or that’s not what Jim O or David P said.

    Barry Summers

  3. Dave Powell Says:

    As Barry suggests, I’m not a good choice.:) Too much time reading, not enough time sorting…

  4. Mike Peters Says:


    Kevin McCray is a member of our RT. Forgive me for not introducing you when you were here. I have forwarded you an E-mail re: the new 26th OVI regimental due out soon. Are you still considering this title?


    Mike Peters

  5. Dave Powell Says:


    Sorry, thought I replied to this – yes, I am definitely interested in the 26th OVI. Both for myself and for the park


  6. Steve Ward Says:

    Perhaps Mr. Ogden could, through your website or another, publish the Park’s wish list. Steve Ward.

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