A successful Study Group 2010 weekend

I’ve been away too long again. Sorry, time is ever fleeting.

I just got back from the annual Chickamauga Study Group tours, held this weekend every March. Once again, we had a great time, and once again, rain was the theme.:)

We had between 35 and 40 people each day, including a number of new faces, which was great to see. I don’t raise a lot of money with these tours, but we do charge a fee for the bus on Friday, so we do see some income – any excess is donated to the park in the form of library aquisitions. Last year we added about fifteen volumes to the library. This year, we have $320 to spend, and I hope to add something a little special. More on that when I know it will happen.

In the meantime, it was a great stomp. I think we gave some folks a little food for thought concerning General Bragg, though we didn’t go easy on him by any means. Saturday morning’s exploration of Cleburne’s attack was, I thought, also a solid success.

For the first time ever, I had to break away on Saturday afternoon to get home to Chicago – personal reasons intruded. My father had a pace-maker installed, and while he now appears to be fit as a fiddle, he gave us all a bit of a scare earlier. Fortunately, everything is OK, and of course, with Jim Ogden leading Saturday afternoon’s tour, the Study group was in good hands.

On another personal note, I would like to thank Jim for all the work he has put into these tours. Jim is the Park Historian, and he is a cultural resource unto himself. He is also a first-rate presenter, so no one will get bored on an Ogden tour. I like to think that the Study Group offers Jim a chance to do something a bit different than most of the tours and staff rides he leads: to zero in on just a segment of the battle and share that wealth of knowledge that more comprehensive tours don’t have time for.

Much to my surprise, we had press coverage on Friday, as a staff reporter and a photographer from the Chattanooga Free Press showed up. Apprently they found details of our little expedition on the web, and so we got a nice write-up in the Saturday morning edition of the paper.

Ah, sweet fame – it must be my fifteen minutes…

Seriously, I was pleased that the park and the group received the attention. It has long been my opinion that Chickamauga-Chattanooga has been one of the more under-appreciated parks in the system, considering its size and legacy. Moreover, while visitation is important, the right kind of visitation is doubly important. I’m not trying to sound snobbish. I want the parks to be widely used for their historical purpose of education and memorialization, not just as large recreation areas. Recreation is fine, but it’s still a battlefield. Ergo, a press piece noting a group there to study the field in depth is greatly encouraging.

Here is a link to the article.


5 Responses to “A successful Study Group 2010 weekend”

  1. James F. Epperson Says:

    Still carrying that stick around, I see …

  2. Chickamauga Tour « Bull Runnings Says:

    […] See here for Dave’s recap of the […]

  3. Barry & Tammy Summers Says:

    Tammy and I would like to thank Jim, Frank, and you for another great tour. Tammy and I drove by the McCook position at the Hutcheson Medical Center and sure enough there were the cannons and tablets right at the entrance where you drop off or pick up the patients just like Jim said. I wonder if he has bet with the front desk person on how many folks pull up to the front door to read the tablets and take pictures. Thanks again.

    Barry & Tammy Summers

  4. Barry Summers Says:

    Let me try this again. Tammy & I would like to thank Jim, Frank, and you for a great tour this year. I like the fact that we do not have to pay extra for the rain and cold. Looking forward to next year.

    On a side note, Tammy and I went up to the McCook position at Hutcheson Medical Center and sure enough there were the tablets and cannons just like Jim said right where you drop off or pick you your love ones. I wonder if Jim and the front desk have a running count on how many folks pull up to take pictures and read the tablets.

    Thanks again, Tammy & Barry

  5. Dave Powell Says:


    sorry about the double hit – I approved the first comment but it hung up. I am not exactly a blogger extraordinaire! Glad you had a good time this year. I already have good ideas for next year.

    I always find the artillery pieces guarding the front door to the Medical Center to be amusing. I guess Armstrong’s Cavalry won’t be capturing that hospital


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