Sorry for the delay…


Sorry to have been so inactive, here. December is usually a time for me to slip into lurk mode, as my day job ramps up. I run a delivery company in Chicago, and as any delivery guy can tell you, December is the crazy time. Gift baskets galore, right now, 6 days a week. For a season of peace, Christmas certainly makes some customers frantic.:)

2 Responses to “Sorry for the delay…”

  1. david foote Says:

    Just discovered your blog and am much impressed. How history has “lost” this important battle, or for that matter, the whole Western theater is hard to understand.

    I am from Crawford County Illinois and was taught nothing about my county and it’s part during the war. Visited Chickamauga for the first time this summer and discovered names of soldiers from this county on a few monuments. It is my goal to write about these soldiers and their contributions so in future years visitors from this area will know in advance about them.

    We had soldiers in the 21,38,79,98, and 123 Illinois. Nearly 400.

    Keep up the good work and I wish you every success possible.
    David Foote

  2. davidpowell334 Says:


    A fine roster of regiments, including two in Wilder’s Brigade. I always enjoy seeing those personal connections as well, when I visit a field.


    Dave Powell

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