Three days in the valley…

No, not that Valley. The San Joaquin Valley, where I attended the West Coast Civil War Conference. This was the 25th year, and my first time attending. The theme was “The campaigns for Chattanooga” so naturally, I had to go.

Besides, we had copies of “the Maps of Chickamauga” to sell. Sell, sell, sell…

The conference was excellent, but then, I had every faith in the talent. James Ogden, chief historian of the CCNMP, Dr. W. G. Robertson, by any definition dean of Chickamauga studies, Dr. Steven Woodworth, who’s Six Armies in Tennessee is the best single overview of the campaign setting – well, you get the idea.

The format was pure lecture, what with us being 2000 miles or more from the Battlefields – and the schedule was packed from Friday evening until midday Sunday, when we hustled to the airport to run the guantlet of air travel back home.

They drew about 100 folks per lecture, and raised several thousand dollars for battlefield preservation – the lucky sites this year are (I think) Raymond MS and Spring Hill TN

I know a lot of Round Tables try and host such conferences – usually single-day affairs – but this one was quite ambitious in filling a whole weekend. Next year they go to San Francisco, talk about Coastal defense, and visit Civil War Alcatraz. I don’t know if I will attend, but I will think about it. This was a well managed, well-conceived affair.


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  1. Hal Jespersen Says:

    Dave, I wrote up a description of the conference at

    Nice to meet you there.


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