General Willich’s Picture

This is more of a test post, to make sure I can do this without screwing it up.:)


Brigadier General August Willich, USA

Brigadier General August Willich, USA


3 Responses to “General Willich’s Picture”

  1. Harry Smeltzer Says:

    One suggestion. Edit this post, and right click on the image. Choose the icon that does not look like a red “no” icon. That allows you to edit the image. Then choose “alignment”, and check the “center” button. Now it will appear in the center of your column.

    When you’re inserting images into posts, you’ll want to align them either right, left, or center. Center I only use if I don’t want the text of my post to wrap around the image. Left and Right I use for that. If I use a lot of images in one post, I usually just choose “thumbnail” as my image size. If folks want to see the large size image, then all they have to do is click on the thumb (I usually put that instruction in the text). The use of images will have a direct impact on the number of folks who read the whole article. Sometimes people vierw long posts with no images, no visual “breaks” so to speak, as too daunting a task.

  2. davidpowell334 Says:

    Thanks, Harry. Live and learn.

  3. Willich - Blog - 17 Aug 2009 Says:

    […] General Willich's Picture « Chickamauga Blog […]

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