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July 19, 2009


Folks have been urging me for a while now to start blogging. Apparently, it’s all the rage among the Civil War smart set. Now the time seems right. While I have written articles in various magazines in the past, Savas-Beatie will be publishing my first full length work in the fall: “The Maps Of Chickamauga.” With 336 pages, and 126 full color maps (beautifully crafted by my partner and cartographer, Dave Friedrichs) I think this atlas will reveal the battle in a new and exciting way.

But that’s not the only reason to start a blog…

Here’s the deal. For a long time now, I have wanted to find a way to bring some of my Chickamauga material to the web. Research I’ve got, binders full of the stuff, in fact. Much of it is public domain, and a lot of it won’t ever really work in a book project – like, for example, the material I have collected on strengths and losses for each regiment who fought at Chickamauga. Eventually, I want this site to be the must-see location on Chickamauga on the web – the place to go for battle accounts, primary sources, analysis, and those odd bits that never seem to fit in anywhere else. So here goes. Things will start slowly as I figure out how to do all that I want to do, and master the basics of setting up this site, but I hope to be hitting a solid posting stride soon.

 Thanks for reading…

Dave Powell